Whistleblowing system

Transparency is important for NORIAN.
Whistleblowing is to report reprehensive circumstances in or in context with NORIAN.
Please help us to get visibility on this and to identify them and use for that this Whistleblowing system.

How it works?

We encourage you to provide some contact information in the notification form to enable us to be in contact with you e.g. in case further details are required for the investigation of the notification. All notifications provided by this channel are strictly confidential and will be handled and taken care by an independent body that is specifically assigned for this.

What can be reported?

In the whistleblower system, you can report serious issues such as, e.g, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, theft, accounting irregularities etc..

What is not the purpose of it?

Notifications made solely for personal interests shall not be reported as well as information that is manifestly untrue or which is based on information which is manifestly untrue.

For topics such as bullying, dissatisfaction with wages please use the other channels defined for this.

About anonymity

To ensure your anonymity, you must do the following:

  • If possible, do not report from a PC provided by your employer.
  • Do not use a PC that is connected to the company’s network/intranet.
  • Access directly this whistleblowing system by copying or writing the respective URL address in an internet brows

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