Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation by NORIAN increases efficiency, reduces error rates, and saves valuable resources. With the NORIAN Automation Platform, you can have your own virtual workforce in the cloud. Our platform combines proven Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with a flexible cloud-based service model. It can easily be integrated into any existing infrastructure making your business future-proof. Planning and budgeting for technological advances in intelligent automation just got a lot easier.

Immediate Availability

Our Automation as a Service model completely eliminates costly IT infrastructure integration.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Software robots free up valuable time and resources you can apply to your core business.

Save Time and Money

Even partially automated processes can save up to 80% and are up to 90% faster.

Flexible and Scalable

Existing automations can quickly be adjusted to changing circumstances.

How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology currently used to automate the business and administrative processes of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking organizations. Independent of interfaces, nor interfering with existing systems and applications, software robots accomplish tasks, which would otherwise have to be performed by a person – but in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. The more processes you automate, the more your efficiency and your employees’ effectiveness risewhile your costs rapidly fall.

RPA is suited for…

  • Rule-based processes with clearly defined criteria for decision-making.
  • Processes with extensive manual processing time and high data throughput.
  • Processes with redundancies and significant repetitiveness.
  • System and cross-application processes within various environments.

Your Virtual Workforce in the Cloud

In addition to being motivated and diligent workers 24/7, your software robots in the cloud are also completely maintenance-free for our customers. Our experts continually monitor the robots’ performance and efficiency and coordinate their optimization with you and your team. There is no need to train your employees how to use complex automation software because our experts will turn your workflow descriptions into fully functioning robots. Once implemented, the robots are quite shy and prefer to work in the background – so you can focus on your core business, strengthen your competitive advantage and improve employee satisfaction.

Our Automation as a Service model frees you from cumbersome IT integration. The software robots reside in a highly secure cloud computing facility that is ideally suitable for automating company critical business processes. The same is true for the connection between your IT systems and the NORIAN Automation Platform.

Regardless if an organization prefers a cloud-based model, on premise installation or a hybrid version, we are happy to help you find a way to take advantage of the many benefits of using a reliable virtual workforce.

Intelligent Automation...

  • reduces cost and increases efficiency.
  • reduces processing time.
  • reduces errors, failures, rejects and returns.
  • reduces response time.
  • improves process quality.
  • increases competitiveness.
  • improves general digital environment through higher data quality.
  • increases employee satisfaction.

A Future-proof Platform for Your Processes

In recent times, the development of advanced technologies, such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, has led to exciting new business applications. Our experts are constantly adding features to the NORIAN Automation Platform based on these technologies. All customers of our cloud-based service can benefit from these features.

Organizations are now learning how to exploit their own data more effectively and extract the benefits that arise from the insights they glean from it. Simply by automating data analysis, our customers can spot fraud or economic crime real-time and create corrective action before things get out of hand. Other customers measurably improve their customer satisfaction by automating a significant portion of their email correspondence. In the very near future, certain accounting and bookkeeping functions will be totally automated. Artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize the future of business and management processes. With the NORIAN Automation Platform, you are equipped for that future.

Long Term Strategic Perspective

NORIAN Intelligent Automation combines total reliability and future-proof technology to increase efficiency and save valuable resources to ensure the long term survivability of your organization. NORIAN specialists have combined hundreds of years’ experience in finance and accounting outsourcing services. Therefore, our experts will identify areas with automation potential and guide your organization with a long view perspective to maximize your strategic competitiveness.

Another strength is our ability to combine traditional outsourcing with automation technology. Humans will always be needed to intervene in unforeseen circumstances or when a human’s experience and judgement is needed. Therefore, most processes cannot be totally automated, nor is it possible to completely eliminate humans in even the most automated workflows.

Our Services Include

  • Potential assessment and automation solution consulting based on in-depth domain and industry experience
  • Business case and roadmap creation for your automation journey
  • Strategic digital transformation and automation programs
  • Automation analyst training to help you identify your automation potential
  • On-site and remote automation implementation
  • Extensive customer service tailored to your needs, 24/7 support possible for business critical processes

Which Processes can be Automated?

Typical applications of Intelligent Automation by NORIAN are finance and accounting, human resources, customer service and areas having to do with data consolidation and migration. Because no two organizations are alike, it is not always obvious where inefficiencies lurk and potential savings are hiding. This is our expertise and we are always happy to help save resources and improve peoples’ work lives.

Examples of Automatable Processes

  • Supplier data management
  • Invoice processing
  • Customer data management
  • General ledger accounting
  • End-of-month and quarterly routines
  • Reporting routines
  • HR data management
  • Payroll processing
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