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How NORIAN make you profitable

NORIAN offers the best prices in the industry and delivers valuable advice to strengthen your business. We strive to help transform your company to become increasingly more profitable and adapt for both current and future needs.

We accomplish this by utilizing the power of digitalization, Intelligent Automation, Near-shore Delivery and Local Expertise as well as superior Customer contact. This ensures successful delivery, cooperation and profitability that is hard to match.

We provide you the best price and high quality

NORIAN constantly develops its services to offer the lowest prices possible and to secure the most valuable and up-to date services and advice. Our Strategy focuses on three core elements which ensure continuous development and success;

  • Employees (competence, engagement, culture etc.)
  • IT platforms and automation (smart solutions, robotics etc.)
  • Delivery model (how we work with our Customers)

What this means

What results can you expect as a customer of NORIAN?

All Customers are unique and pose different needs. This demands an adaptive team that continuously work together with your company to increase effectiveness and operative routines. At NORIAN we experience that the best results stem from companies that are willing to consider and implement changes, adapt to best practice and spend time together with us to discuss future improvements.

Below are some results you can achieve by becoming a Customer of NORIAN.

40% Lower costs


35% Processes improvement


15% Quality


50% Intelligent Automation


Lower your costs

NORIAN’s delivery model based on nearshore capabilities secure the best possible price for correct and up-to-date competencies. NORIAN delivers low overhead and administration costs that secure a competitive cost base.

Process improvement

Best practice is established through our vast experience with a huge amount of Customers. They utilize different software, operate in different countries and pose different. NORIAN’s culture and Lean philosophy secure continuous innovation and improvement aimed to deliver success.


NORIAN offers cost savings from economies of scale through investments in quality and compliance as well as from specialization. NORIAN has its Quality Management System based on ISO standards.

Intelligent Automation

NORIAN’s Intelligent Automation Team is a “First Mover” and a leading force in Europe. Our cutting-edge software developers enables your company to tap into the power of automation which increases every day.

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