March 24th 2020

Update from Norian – what we have done to secure deliveries and how we can help you

We are ready to do everything we can to help our customers to get through this difficult period. We have been doing a lot the last month to secure employees and our deliveries and if you need support in any field, we will do our best to help you.

Norian started in February to implement several measures, hereby reminding all employees about the basic protective measures against the Corona virus. We also started quickly with daily meetings in our established BCC team (Business Continuity Coordination) where we discuss status in all parts of our organisation and what further measures, we should take. We publish a summary of this meetings daily on our Intranet with also updates on our common information and guidelines (separate SharePoint page on our Intranet). Our home office solution was well prepared and tested and we have been able to quickly implement this for our employees some weeks ago to reduce the risk of spreading the virus if someone should become sick. Norian has also a well-developed administration tool, good documentation of all the work we do and prepared back up of each other, both within teams, cross departments and also countries if needed. All departments and teams conduct daily status meetings on Skype/Teams to share information and secure efficient corporation.

Norian has experienced an enormous development the last years and the underlying profitability is good. Norian doesn´t have any debt and we have a committed and strong culture that will do everything to support each other and our customers. During the last weeks we have experienced that some Customers have downsizing their operations and this influence of course Norian as well. To make us able to implement the correct measures, we appreciate therefore an open and direct communication and cooperation during this period regarding your situation and we will do our best to meet your requirements and needs to help you.

We have during the last week also experienced that we can support many of you with different advices (example of how to implement governmental measures etc.), access to extra capacity (example reporting of cash flow, analysis of different measures etc.) or help with some extra tasks arising from this difficult situation.

Please contact your Service Manager if you have any questions. I wish you all the best

Stay Safe, Stay Home
Knut Anders Opstad
CEO Norian Group

March 12th 2020

Measures Norian has taken in order to secure the delivery to our customers

This information is for our Customers to inform about measures Norian has taken in order to secure deliveries during the Corona Virus outbreak. Delivering our services to our Customers is our greatest concern and highest priority.

Norian has established a task force team (Business Continuity Coordination Team) that is following the situation closely with minimum daily meetings to take the necessary actions. The team consists of Norian CEO, CFO, Country Heads and relevant Group functions.

Norian has - as a part of our contingency plan - a secure and well proven home office solution for all our employees. We have also well documented process descriptions, developed back up plans in regards of sickness etc. with also the opportunity to support delivery teams in other countries if that should be necessary.

For now, none of our 600 employees in Norian have been infected by Corona Virus, but in order to slow down the spread of the virus inside Norian the following safeguards have been implemented combined with extensive communication and information to our personnel:
- Cancellation of all domestic and international travels until further notice.
- Minimization of direct contacts between employees among each other and with externals meetings, as much as possible, internal and external meetings from F2F to Skype meetings.
- Country by country initiative to identify critical teams and resources and how to reduce risk of virus spread (e.g. working from home for parts of the teams).

The main goal is to ensure the stability and continuity to you as our customer smoothly and safely.

When necessary, your dedicated Service Manager in Norian will be in contact with you regarding individual and specific measures relevant for you.
At the same time it is also important for us to have information regarding the impact of the virus on your operation that might impact on our work and the services we provide.

Since the situation is developing by the hour, we shall continue to update our guidelines and actions. We shall therefore publish information to our customers on our web page as the situation develops.

We hope that, together, we can minimize the impact of the situation we have all been placed in.

With my best regards
Knut Anders Opstad
CEO Norian Group