With 600 employees in 6 Countries, we strengthen the competitiveness for more than 1,500 Customers in Northern Europe. We are always on the look-out for new colleagues that can strengthen us. Is it you we’re looking for?

Career opportunities in NORIAN

Open positions in NORIAN
– an exciting journey where you are constantly developing –


We are building NORIAN for the future!

NORIAN has a strong corporate culture where employees have high ambitions and a high level of engagement. This contributes to an inspiring environment where employees can develop further. We believe that a mix of competence and ability complement each other and create the best results!


NORIAN works to support employees’ high ambitions through continuous development and a knowledge-oriented work environment.


NORIAN’s success depends on our employees; their competence, engagement, proactiveness as well as teamwork and execution capabilities

Power of the Employee Engagement

  • Employees are the foundation of the business and most important asset in NORIAN
  • The personal dedication contributes to NORIAN’s success and growth
  • Employees are given the opportunity for testing own ideas and are driven by the continuous development and progress of NORIAN
  • In NORIAN we take care of each other and support in all situations
  • We believe in the joy of work and t is fun and inspiring to work in NORIAN

NORIAN believes competence and culture make the difference

The purpose of Norian Academy is to secure a structured approach for on-boarding new employees and developing existing skills to be ready to face the future. The goal is to build a strong culture focused on subject- and system competence, quality, teamwork, innovation, proactiveness and problem solving approach for our customers

NORIAN Academy organize thousands of courses and training’s for its employees and we have several Certification programs within our organisation


Do you want to build the future?

  • You understand the importance of building good relationships and putting the customer in focus
  • You are better off in the role of a builder than a manager
  • You are driven by streamlining processes and you also see the value smart solutions that meet our Customers’ needs